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We guarantee the material and workmanship against any defects for one year.  This covers everything except damage or abuse. The material we use has additional warranties as well.  If a wrap is going to fail due to installation the issues will generally present themselves within the first two weeks after application. 


We use 3MIJ180C-v3 vinyl and 3M8518 Gloss Laminate (other laminates and materials may be available upon request).


If another company tells you that they have a seven year warranty, do yourself a favor and ask them “If the material on the hood begins to crack after six years, do you just send someone out to replace it? At no charge?”.  Listen to a long explanation of how a seven year warranty is not really a seven year warranty and the ask yourself if you were misled.

All good things must come to an end...

All good things must come to an end and wraps do eventually have to be replaced.  If someone asks how long should my wrap last I would tell them 5 years +/-.  It varies so greatly from customer to customer and depends on the level of care or abuse the wrap experiences as well as the exposure to the elements.  A garage kept vehicle is going to last longer than one that parks outside in the sun day after day.  

Any part of the wrap that is facing the sun directly will fail more quickly than those surfaces that do not.  IE, a hood, roof, tops of fenders will all receive more direct UV exposure and we typically expect these areas will need to be replaced within 1.5-2 years.  This photo is an example of what waiting too long to remove/replace a wrap looks like and should be avoided.

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