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  • What type of material do you use?
    We only use 3MIJ180Cv3-10 with 3M8518 overlaminate. While we offer a one year warranty on our materials, 3M has an extended warranty. A link to 3M's pdf for more information on this can be provided.
  • What if I have an existing wrap?
    Removal can be very tricky and varies from customer to customer. How long has it been on? Did the installer use a ton of extra adhesive? What kind of material was used? ​ Because of all of these factors we charge an hourly removal rate of $95/man hour or a discount rate of $75/manhour when paired with the purchase of new graphics. We do not estimate this cost but we believe in the integrity of the hourly rate and will charge honestly and accordingly.
  • How long will the wrap last?
    Anytime a wrap or graphics are applied to a vehicle with our premium 3M material we expect a customer should anticipate at least 4-5 years of use if the graphics receive proper care during their life. Proper care is defined as: HAND WASHING once a month or more, no automated car washes or high pressure water as that could catch a seam or edge of the graphic and rip or peel. You can even wax wrapped vehicles. (You may want to stay away from cut vinyl decals when waxing.) PARKING YOUR VEHICLE INSIDE OR OUT OF THE SUN WHEN POSSIBLE. If it is parked in the same space every day consider backing in to rotate the vehicle every once in a while so one side is not more exposed to the sun than another. ADDRESS ANY ISSUES WITH THE MATERIAL as soon as they are noticed. IE lifting, peeling, bubbling. While not desired, sometimes these things do happen and can normally be fixed quickly and painlessly when they are not ignored. We do offer a one year warranty on material defects and installation. If you purchase materials only through us and arrange the installation with your own installer, we can only warranty material defects in that year, not installation defects.
  • How long does the process take?
    We guarantee a quote and proof within 24 business hours if we have year/make/model and straight on photos of your vehicle.  In most instances we can give you a pretty good guessimate over the phone with year make model but needs those photos to dial it in. Design times varies from customer to customer but we have a lot of sucess with getting design approval's within 10 business days.   Once a design is approved we can usually get the labor scheduled within 7-10 business days. The scope of work and vehicle will determine actually installation time, but 2 business days on any vehicle having a full wrap applied is a good timeline to expect.  Partial wraps and decals should take less.
  • Can I wrap a vehicle with bad paint in place of painting?
    No. We get a lot of calls about this as people sometimes thinks wrapping is an alternative to painting, but the surface the vinyl is being applied to must be in good condition for the wrap to adhere properly and last the full life expectancy. So, what does “bad paint” encompass? Bad paint is considered to be chipping paint, paint that shows the clear coat peeling, or when rust is present. This is especially apparent in Chevy vans up to 2012 +/- and other times in repainted vehicles. ​ Why is this a problem? When installing a wrap, the panels are often repositioned or “popped” off of the vehicle after the adhesive side is exposed to the paint. If the paint or surface is deteriorated it may stick to the back of the vinyl, removing it from the vehicle and perhaps rendering that vinyl panel useless and in need of replacement at the customer's expense. ​ We are not responsible for paint damage to a vehicle during installation and it is the customer’s responsibility to purchase the new materials if necessary. We also do not warranty materials if they are applied to a vehicle with known bad paint or if a defect in the wrap after installation is deemed to be due to poor paint quality.
  • What is perf (perforated vinyl)?
    If the design passes over areas of the vehicle that have windows and the driver desires to be able to continue to see through and use those windows we would recommend perforated material. ​ Perforated material is vinyl with little holes punched in it so that you can see through. We only expect perforated vinyl to last about one to two years as it tends to fade and become brittle, sometimes peeling up from the edges. We aren’t big fans of it, but sometimes it is the only option. ​ Living in a world with backup cameras, some people choose to leave the opaque material on windows to keep people from seeing into the van if you are hauling expensive equipment.
  • What if I'm in an accident?
    First, we hope everyone is OK! But accidents do happen. If you have an accident we are going to ask how much of the wrap will need to be repaired and additionally how much of that is going to be removed by the body shop during their repair process. If you are in need of a rear panel, or fender, or any single piece of your wrap we can only assist if we were the original printer. Because our files may vary slightly from another printer in size and color we can only produce partial repairs for who originally purchased the graphics in question from us. If you are needing an entire section replaced (Ie a whole driver side, rear, hood, etc) and we were not the original printer we would count on you to provide usable art for print. ​ Another noteworthy item is if a wrap has been on more than a year and a new panel is placed next to an old you should expect to see a color difference, albeit small, from new print vs. old print
  • How much is design?
    Design for vehicle decals, partials, and full wraps is an inclusive service we offer. This free design includes three revisions at no charge and we are usually very successful in accomplishing this when we get the proper "homework" from you. (For more info on "homework" please see WHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTED FAQ below. Any additional design or proofs beyond the included three is billed at $85/hour and due in advance. ​ We do require $100 non refundable deposit to begin designing and proofing simply so we know that you are serious about the project. This amount is deducted from the total bill.
  • What do I need to get started?
    Below is the checklist we ask from our customers to help streamline their design services and expedite the process: ​ Vector Format Logo (AI, EPS, PDF) * Samples of any graphic designs you have seen and like or dislike Phone/Web/LIC numbers or other company specific information desired Specify any social media icons or info to be displayed Tagline for Wrap (if applicable) Bullet Points (If applicable) High Resolution Photos or Graphic Elements (if applicable) ** Specify any specific color requirements Specify any specific fonts ​ *We can assist with logo design is necessary but this will be billed as it's own service. **If the final design includes any stock photos or design elements that require purchase to complete that will be billed as a separate line item and you will be advised before VV Graphics makes the final purchase.

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